Application for reviewing Externally Set Tasks (EST)

General information

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority is seeking applications from qualified people who wish to be considered for appointment as reviewers for the EST.

About the EST - Information for markers

All schools will administer the EST for all General and Foundation courses with a Year 12 enrolment in Term 2 Week 3, 4, or 5. The teachers in schools will mark all ESTs using the marking key supplied by the Authority and upload marks for access by the Authority by the end of Term 2 Week 7.

In Term 2 Week 8, the Authority will inform schools of specific students’ ESTs in specific courses which will be scanned and uploaded for access by the Authority.

The Authority will employ teachers to externally mark or review this selection of student ESTs and these marks will be compared to the school mark for moderation purposes. External marking of ESTs will take place during the July school holidays.

Reviewers will be trained to mark the ESTs at a training meeting and then mark the ESTs on screen at home in the first week of the holidays. The number of scripts to be marked will depend on the number of students’ ESTs in that course. Some reviewers will be employed to reconcile any EST mark which differs greatly from the school mark and this will be completed in the second week of the holidays. Reviewers will be paid to attend training ($70 per hour) and $7.50 per script.

For further information about ESTs, please refer to the document on the home page of the Authority website

Application process

Applicants are required to complete an online application form. Receipt of an application will be acknowledged via email. This email will include a reference number. Submission of an application does not guarantee appointment. Applicants will be advised, by email whether they have been selected to be a reviewer.

Reviewers will be notified about marking by Friday, 9 June 2017.

Applications close Wednesday, 26 April 2017.

Please be aware that faxed, emailed, posted and hand delivered applications cannot be accepted.

You are not eligible to be a reviewer if you have taken a voluntary redundancy in the past 12 months.

Apply Online

Further information

For further information regarding EST marking contact:

Jenny Morup – Manager, Examinations Logistics:

(08) 9273 6309 or *

Melanie Jasper – Senior Consultant Written Examinations (marking)

(08) 9273 6732 or *