11to12 Circulars

May 2016 - Extraordinary


Politics and Law ATAR Course Year 12 – Design Brief clarification

Kerry Cribb
(08) 9273 6787

In response to feedback to the item in Edition 6 of the 11 to 12 Circular,
further clarification of Politics and Law (PAL) ATAR course Design Brief is provided for

The clarification relates to the content included in Part A and Part B of Section Three: Essay.
Part A essay questions will be drawn from Unit 3 and Part B essay questions will be drawn
from Unit 4.

The PAL ATAR course Year 12 syllabus is divided into two units which are delivered as a pair
with Unit 4 content building on Unit 3. The examination is based on a representative
sampling of the content for Unit 3 and Unit 4.

The inclusion of Part A – Unit 3 and Part B – Unit 4 to Section Three of the PAL ATAR course
Year 12 examination provides a familiar structure to that of past Stage 3 WACE

Front covers will be available in schools Term 3 of 2016.

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