2021 ATAR course written examinations - Chief Supervisor position

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority is seeking applications from suitably qualified people interested in being a Chief Supervisor for the 2021 ATAR course written examinations. These examinations will be conducted from Monday, 1 November to Friday, 19 November 2021 and are typically two and a half or three hours in duration.

Important information for ATAR course written examination Chief Supervisor applicants

Before completing an application, read the information below about relevant employment conditions and responsibilities.

A Chief Supervisor is appointed to each examination centre. The Chief Supervisor has responsibility for the supervision of candidates at that centre and allocates supervisors for each examination being held at the centre.

The role of a Chief Supervisor is to ensure that the ATAR course written examinations are conducted in accordance with the instructions of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. The Chief Supervisor’s duties are to:

Prior to examinations

  • liaise with school administration and ATAR examination contact person with regards to checking the allocated examination centre for suitability for the examinations. For example, noise, lighting, availability of desks, wall clock/s in place, special examination rooming and equipment requirements, such as computer, nearby print facility etc.
  • check that the correct quantity of stationery items for the examinations has been delivered to the centre
  • check that the correct examination papers have been delivered to the centre and that there are enough papers for each session
  • check that the examination papers are stored in a secure area
  • conduct a briefing of supervisors prior to the examinations to ensure they are aware of their duties
  • ensure that the examination centre has been set up correctly and that there are sufficient rooms, desks and chairs for the candidates
  • check for candidates with special examination arrangements and organise the specific requirements for each examination; for example, an extra board clock for the display of extra working time or the setting up of a laptop computer
  • create and display a seating plan for each room for each examination
  • become familiar with the evacuation procedures of the examination centre and the examination room/s
  • allocate supervisors to sessions and examination rooms, and issue them with specific instructions prior to the examination. If there are several rooms, appoint a supervisor to be in charge of each room
  • distribute a copy of the Instruction manual for ATAR course written examinations and the Handbook for supervising ATAR course written examinations 2021 to each supervisor prior to the commencement of the examinations
  • check and charge all electronic equipment that may be required for the examinations
  • apply COVID-19 safe measures, such as prompting candidates with regards to social distancing, using hand sanitiser and PPE where appropriate. Supervisors will also be required to perform duties, such as touch cleaning desks, chairs and other surface areas and equipment.

During examination period

  • supervise every examination at their appointed examination centre
  • actively observe, assist and monitor candidates during the examinations and report any suspicious behaviour to Manager – Examination Logistics when a breach of examination rules has been observed
  • ensure that the examinations are conducted fairly, and in accordance with the requirements set out in the Handbook for supervising ATAR course written examinations 2021 and the Instruction manual for ATAR course written examinations 2021
  • monitor, track and record the necessary information for candidates with approved special examination arrangements
  • ensure that the personal listening devices (PLDs) are fully charged the day prior to the examination, if you are supervising the Music examination
  • securely pack and post or courier candidates’ scripts immediately after each examination or deliver them to the designated collection point after each examination.

After examination period

  • package all spare examination papers and stationery at the conclusion of the examinations
  • complete and submit the Supervisor payment form at the end of the examination period and make recommendations with regards to supervisors possibly being appointed as a Chief Supervisor.

If appointed to an examination centre, the Chief Supervisor will be required to successfully complete an online training program.

Applying to be a Chief Supervisor

Applicants are requested to apply for a Chief Supervisor role online using the relevant form and to upload a one page résumé highlighting your skills and experiences relevant to the position. This résumé should include relevant work experience (i.e. teaching background, invigilator at University, conducting examination supervision at schools for Year 11 or mock examinations etc.)

Applicants can nominate a preferred examination centre at which they would like to work. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be allocated your preferred centre.

Employment requirements

If your application is successful, you will be required to obtain a:

  1. Current Working with Children Check (WWC Check). Legislation requires that all people working with children have a current WWC card. Once you are offered employment, you will be able to apply for a WWC card.
  2. All Department of Education employees must have a current Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check Screening Clearance Number (SCN) through the Department’s Screening Unit before commencement of work. Once offered employment, you will be informed whether you already have a current SCN or need to apply for a SCN (cost $46).

Chief Supervisor applications close on Friday, 18 June 2021

All applications received will be acknowledged. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by Friday, 13 August 2021.

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