2023 ATAR course examinations - Examining panel applications

Membership of examination panels for the writing and development of the 2023 ATAR course examinations

General information
The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (the Authority) invites applications from current and retired teachers, TAFE and University lecturers to participate in the development of the 2023 ATAR course examinations.

Positions that may be available for all examining panels are:

  • Chief examiner
  • Examiner
  • Independent reviewer
  • Paper checker.

The Authority is seeking applicants with at least three years’ experience in teaching and assessment, an excellent understanding of examination-setting techniques and familiarity with the syllabus to be examined in 2023 in the relevant course.

The Authority may offer a panel position different from those selected on the original application form.

Important information
All individuals offered a position on a 2023 ATAR course examining panel will be required to provide a current screening clearance number obtained through Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check prior to commencing in the position.

The following documents are important and must be read and understood on application:

  1. Terms of reference
  2. Duties of members of examining panels
  3. Code of conduct for members of examining panels
  4. Indicative timeline for members of examining panels

Applications for positions are to be made online at the Authority website at: https://mss.scsa.wa.edu.au/default.aspx?type=exampanel.

Applications must be received no later than 5 pm on Friday, 21 October 2022.

Successful applicants will be contacted and appointments to positions finalised by Friday, 11 November 2022.

Apply Online

For further information

Please contact:
Patricia Daly  – Administrative assistant
(08) 9273 6761 or Patricia.Daly@scsa.wa.edu.au