Years 6 and 7 Moderation - Online Registration Form


April to August 2018

Registrations have now closed.

Our team are currently processing the online registrations and will be in contact with those candidates who have expressed interest.

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The School Curriculum and Standards Authority is offering a Year 6 and Year 7 moderation process for English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences learning areas. In 2017 a moderation pilot was conducted and this has been extended in 2018. The moderation tasks used in the 2017 Moderation Pilot are available via the link below.


The purpose of the moderation process is to work with schools and teachers in developing a comprehensive and shared understanding of the achievement standards for both Year 6 and Year 7. Teachers will develop an understanding of the benefits and use of marking keys as diagnostic tools and in making valid, reliable and consistent judgments on student achievement. The deep analysis of the standards, along with engagement with the assessment pointers, will also support teachers in collecting evidence in order make judgements for reporting purposes.

Event notes

Successful applicants in the Year 6 and Year 7 moderation process will:

  • receive moderation tasks with marking keys developed by the Authority for English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • be provided with the opportunity to review the moderation tasks and marking keys, and provide feedback to the Authority
  • administer the moderation tasks during the allotted time frame
  • select a specific number of student work samples which demonstrate a spread of achievement against the standard
  • nominate a representative to attend a moderation workshop held by the Authority.

K to 10 eCircular with more information