Syllabus Delivery Audit Uploads

In 2019, the Authority will audit selected General/Foundation Year 11 and 12 courses.

General/Foundation courses selected for a Syllabus Delivery Audit 2019:

Year 11 courses

Year 12 courses

English – Foundation

Design – General

Modern History – General

Mathematics – Foundation

Marine and Maritime Studies – General

Materials Design and Technology – General


Health Studies – General

NB No Languages courses have been selected for review in 2019.

Schools are required to submit to the Authority the following documents for each listed course they are delivering:

  • a course outline
  • an assessment outline.

Sample course outlines and assessment outlines for each course are available on the WACE Year 11 and 12 site at

The Authority will review the documents and provide a report for each course to the school. The report will specify the action that the school needs to take, if required, to ensure compliance with WACE 2019 requirements.