Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act) gives you the right to request access to information held by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (the Authority). This includes information that the Authority holds about you.

The Authority’s Public Information Statement describes the structure and functions of the Authority and outlines the types of documents and student records held, with instructions on how to apply for and access the documents.

Please contact us prior to making an FOI application.  We may be able to help you to obtain documents without having to make a formal FOI application or advise if another agency holds the documents that you are seeking. An FOI application may not be required if the documents that you are seeking are publicly available on the Authority’s website.

Application for documents under the FOI Act should be made using the Freedom of Information Application Form. You are not required to use the form under the FOI Act. However, the form may assist you to make a valid application and enable us to deal with your application more effectively and within the timeframes provided by the FOI Act.

If you are making the FOI application on behalf of another person, please remember to complete the General Authority to Act Form and attach it to the FOI application.

Student results are not a part of the Freedom of Information process. Copies of past graduation certificates and statements of results pre-2016 held by the Authority can be obtained by completing the Application for a copy of results document/s located on the Authority website at or here.

Year 12 students from 2016 onwards can download digital versions of the WACE, WASSA, ATAR course reports and Awards from the student portal:

Please send any queries related to accessing documents or your completed FOI application to: