SRMS Information

Student Records Management System

The Student Records Management System (SRMS) is a new student records database designed to manage K–12 student records effectively. The SRMS offers many interactive features and improved functionality for schools and students.

The SRMS uses data uploaded by schools to the Student Information Records System (SIRS) and retains all current functions and reporting to schools from SIRS.

The SRMS includes an interactive dashboard, which provides schools with a live status of uploaded registrations, enrolments, offerings and achievements and the corresponding missing achievements. This will help schools fulfil their commitments and meet the deadlines set by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (the Authority) in a timely manner.

The SRMS also includes many online tools and interactive features to help schools and students.

The SRMS can be accessed via the student portal login (for students) and the SRMS login (for schools). These links can also be found under Useful Links on the home page of the Authority website.

Further information about the SRMS can be found in the SRMS user guides.