11to12 Circulars - Extraordinary Edition February 2022


Years 11 and 12 Outdoor Education ATAR and General – Modified Assessment Tables for use in 2022

Dino Manalis (08) 9273 6356

Teachers are advised to follow the revised course specific assessment advice for Years 11 and 12 Outdoor Education ATAR and General courses for 2022.

The Assessment Tables for the following courses have been modified for use in 2022 and can be found in the syllabus section of the course page.

Teachers should ensure their Assessment Outline for these courses reflect the requirements of the modified Assessment Table/s. All teachers must adjust their Assessment Outline for this course to reflect the modified Assessment Table/s. The School Curriculum and Standards Authority will require teachers to revert to using the standard Assessment Table/s in the syllabus in 2023.

Updated 2022 Curriculum and Assessment Advice – COVID-19

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The School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s (the Authority) Curriculum and Assessment COVID-19 website (https://www.scsa.wa.edu.au/curriculum-assessment-covid-19/overview) has been updated to provide schools, students and parents with advice to ensure continuity of teaching, learning and assessment. The website includes information:

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