Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline

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The new look Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline was launched on 19 March. The structure has been updated and during 2015 further functionality development work will continue as we prepare for the implementation of the remaining Pre-primary to Year 10 Western Australian Curriculum.

The P-10 curriculum, assessment and reporting content has not changed although the structure of how the Outline content is displayed has been updated to make it easier for users to access highly trafficked areas, with the P-10 Curriculum and Judging Standards now being top level navigation items.

The Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline is for all students from Kindergarten to Year 10 in Western Australia.

It sets out the curriculum, guiding principles for teaching, learning and assessment and support for teachers in their assessment and reporting of student achievement.

The Outline is available online through the Authority’s website at and at

P-10 Alternative Curriculum Recognition Process

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The Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline sets out the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes that students are expected to acquire and guidelines for the assessment and reporting of student achievement.

Application by schools and education providers for recognition of an alternative curriculum (and/or reporting on student achievement) that aligns with the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline should be made to the Authority, using the following templates:

  • Nationally Recognised Curriculum Template
  • Notice of Intention Template – information to present for a notice of intention
  • Submission Template – information to present for a submission for assessment.

These procedures and templates, accessible via the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline at provide organisations with a framework of questions to be addressed with supportive documentation so that the Recognition Review Panel, reporting to the Authority, can make this assessment.

The timeline setting out key dates for the 2015 Alternative Curriculum Recognition process, along with detailed information about the process, is also available in the Outline.

ABLEWA Semester 2, 2015 Trial

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The ABLEWA project involves the trialling of the Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES)curriculum from the Department of Education and Training, Victoria and an assessment tool from the University of Melbourne.

A broad cross-sectoral trial, via Expression of Interest, will commence in Semester 2, 2015.
The aim of phase two of the trial is for participants to use the Assessment Tool on-line Guidance Materials and theAustralian Curriculum – Victorian Essential Learning Standards (AusVELS) curriculum on-line professional learning modules.

No face to face training will be undertaken as it is essential that we receive feedback regarding the effectiveness of these support resources.  However, participating schools will receive assistance from the Authority’s ABLEWAPrincipal Consultant as required. Also the University of Melbourne’s Assessment Research Centre will provide schools with helpdesk support relating to access and use of the ABLES assessment tools.

An Expression of Interest template is provided for your convenience at

If you have any queries please contact Maureen Lorimer, Principal Consultant, ABLEWA(

Schools are invited to submit an Expression of Interest for participation in the Semester 2 trial by Wednesday 6 May.

The State of Play: Languages Education in Western Australia, October 2014

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In June 2014 the Authority’s Board requested that a comprehensive overview of the current provision of Pre-primary to Year 12 languages in Western Australia, both in and out of school settings, be prepared. This review was commissioned to provide the Board with a sound basis on which to make informed decisions about the future development and provision of language education policy and curriculum in Western Australia. The State of Play: Languages Education in Western Australia, October 2014 is available on The Authority’s website at

On March 13 2015, the Authority conducted a consultation forum, attended by over 80 key stakeholders, to ensure that the Authority’s decisions regarding Languages education are cognisant of the needs of students and the wider community and are manageable within school systems and sector. The feedback gathered at the Forum will be considered by the Authority’s Board in the development of a policy position on Languages education in Western Australia.

2015 Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment briefings

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The briefings for 2015 school leaders began on 10 March and will conclude on 28 April.

Over 833 school leaders registered for the Kindergarten to Year 6 briefings and 509 for the Year 7 to Year 12 briefings. Sessions were held in metropolitan and regional centres and through a webinar service.

The slideshow and speaking notes of the presentations will be made available to school leaders on the Authority website in early May.

In addition, companion videos that provide updates of the Authority’s work in 2015 will be available on the Authority website.