Kto10 Circulars

May 2020 Extraordinary edition 2

Important information

Year 10 Information Handbook 2020 and information materials available online

Jo Merrey (08) 9273 6348

The Year 10 Information Handbook 2020 and the Year 12 in 2022: Information for Year 10 Students and their Parents presentation are available on the Authority website at https://www.scsa.wa.edu.au/publications/year-10-information and https://senior-secondary.scsa.wa.edu.au/the-wace/wace-requirements.

The Year 12 in 2022: Information for Year 10 Students and their Parents presentation has been developed to support schools for their Year 10 subject selection presentation.

The Year 10 Information Handbook 2020 is essential reading for Year 10s, their families and teachers. It contains information for students on a range of important topics including the Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA) and the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

The handbook and presentation provide information about the new option for the course completion requirement to achieve the WACE from 2021.

The additional materials provided in 2019 have been updated for schools to use for reference when counselling Year 10s. These include:

  • Study options – WACE 2021 and beyond (table graphic)
  • WACE Requirements – WACE 2021 and beyond (infographic)
  • Sample programs – WACE 2021 and beyond (infographic)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – WACE Requirements.

The additional materials are also available on the Year 10 Information and WACE Requirements pages.